Mead Treadwell for Alaska Governor

Mead Treadwell is a conservative, innovative businessman who served as Alaska’s 13th Lieutenant Governor. His entire career has been focused on keeping Alaska's promises alive, and insisting the federal government keep its promise to Alaska.

In his first campaign for public office, he won the Republican Party’s nomination for Lieutenant Governor in the 2010 Primary Election by an impressive 22 percentage point margin in a four candidate field and finished first in 39 of Alaska’s 40 State House Districts. In the 2010 General Election, the GOP ticket of Sean Parnell and Mead Treadwell defeated their Democrat opponents by a 59% - 37% margin.

As Lieutenant Governor, Mead Treadwell focused on making Alaska’s economy competitive through increased resource development, energy tax reform, and ensuring that the federal government deals with Alaska's issues on Alaska’s terms. He is a globally recognized leader on Arctic policy and served as President Bush's Chair of the Arctic Research Commission.

Prior to running for office, Mead Treadwell built a successful business career as a high technology entrepreneur who helped start companies that compete in today’s global marketplace. One of them developed the digital watermarking system that helps protect world currencies and DVDs from counterfeiting. Another introduced the high tech camera that launched Google’s Streetview, MapQuest’s 360 View, and was used by our U.S. military’s street level mapping programs in Afghanistan and Iraq to protect our troops and save lives. Since serving as Lt. Governor, Mead has worked to bring new sources of financing to Alaska and the Arctic.  

The widowed father of three children – Tim, Will and Natalie – Mead Treadwell is a concerned parent who is committed to supporting strong families. Mead is now remarried to librarian Virginia Clay McClure.

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