Treadwell Alaska announces Campaign Co-Chairs

The campaign is proud to announce the appointment of Catkin Kilcher Burton and Gerad Godfrey as the Campaign Co-Chairs. As well the campaign currently has an active base of hundreds of volunteers statewide who are working to elect Mr. Treadwell.


About Burton and Godfrey:

Catkin Kilcher Burton grew up with her 7 siblings on the Kilcher Homestead in Homer Alaska. She served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 31 years of active duty in various military leadership positions worldwide and retired as a Colonel. Her father, Yule Kilcher, was an Alaskan Constitution Founder and State Senator; her mother Ruth was a renowned poet and writer.  After military service, she returned to Alaska as a small business entrepreneur; she also leads and supports numerous community organizations. 

Gerad Godfrey is an Alaska Native whose parents' lineages are from two different villages in the Kodiak Archipelago. He grew up commercial fishing in the Kodiak Islands Fishery and lived in various communities across Alaska as his father was an Alaska State Trooper who transferred to numerous posts, both rural and urban. He spent years working on the North Slope and on the Alyeska Marine Pipeline Terminal in Valdez as well as Ft. Richardson as a civilian contractor. He has served on the Alaska State Chamber Board of Directors and numerous other boards and committees, to include nationwide private sector and federal public sector entities. He currently serves as Chair of Alaska’s Violent Crimes Compensation Board and serves on Afognak Native Corporation’s Board of Directors. He spent the last three years serving in Governor Walker’s cabinet as Senior Advisor on Rural Business and Intergovernmental Affairs.