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Mead Treadwell, Former Lt. Governor,
Conservative business leader with a record.

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Protect & Grow the Dividend

Early advocate for a Percent of Market Value model (POMV) that will help grow the Fund itself and avoid new taxes.

After Bill Walker’s veto to cut the dividend, Mike Dunleavy voted to go home instead of voting to fight the PFD cuts and hold a special session.

Business Experience

40 years of private sector experience, starting local and global businesses, bringing hundreds of millions of investment dollars to Alaska.

Knows LNG markets. Tech entrepreneur and coach for others. Helped bring telecommunications technology to Alaska and was chair of the company that pioneered StreetView for Google.

No Record

Brother Frances Dunleavy, who is funding Mike’s campaign PAC, led JPMorgan group that paid a $410 million fine for ripping off California and Midwest power customers.

Budget, Spending & Taxes

Balance the budget with purposeful and responsible cuts!

Will veto any budget that relies on new taxes or PFD raids. Promises to institute new spending caps and cash-based forward budgeting.

Founder of Alaskans for Tax Reform signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge Chair of an Interstate Compact for a National Balanced Budget Amendment

QUIT the caucus rather than work with others to protect the PFD and solve Alaska’s budget crisis.

Supported most budgets in Juneau during his term before he quit.

Government Experience

Former Alaska Lt. Governor
Presidential Advisor
Deputy Commissioner of DEC
Cabinet of Gov. Wally Hickel

QUIT Senate before end of tenure
QUIT Northwest Borough Schools
QUIT Mat-Su school board

Crime, Domestic Violence And Opioids

Supports a full repeal of SB-91

Championed Choose Respect Program

Will seek federal cooperation and funding to combat addiction and intercept drugs coming into the state.

Helped create an Environmental Crimes Unit that brought federal & state agencies together to prosecute criminals

Voted for SB-91 before opposing it

Declined to join Sen. Mia Costello as a cosponsor of bill to repeal SB-91

Resource Development

Worked with Sheffield and Reagan administrations to lift export bans on Alaska oil and gas.

Advocated for oil taxes in SB21 that brought new investors to the state.

Officer of LNG export firm in 1980’s; advocate to get Alaska into Pacific LNG market as Lt. Governor

Advocate for Alaska Railroad expansion, Northern Alaska ports, OCS Development, ANWR exploration, King Cove-Cold Bay Road, miners and timber across Alaska. At ADEC, worked to permit the Fort Knox Mine.

Helped create Alaska’s Marine Parks and buyback of lands in Kachemak Bay State Park; recreational trails advocate

No Record

Federal/State Relations

Lifelong Career of fighting back against federal overreach.

Chair of the Alaska State Lands Advisory Group, a blue-ribbon group for CACFA (Citizens Advisory Committee on Federal Areas) which developed plan for more state control of lands and waters.

Wrote ANILCA Curriculum for federal employees.

No Record


Part of cabinet team that brought Community Development Quotas to Western Alaska.

Fought for the 200 mile limit to gain international legal recognition of our exclusive fishing range.

Introduced a 12.5% Fisheries tax


Private sponsor of the Sea-Train for 10,000 elementary students to visit the Sealife Center.

Helped raised funds for Challenger Learning Center & Prince William Sound Science Center.

ACCIDENTALLY’ voted to cut K-12 by $65 million

Asked for a 9% bonus in his first year at Northwest Arctic Schools, while only offering 1-2% raises to district workers.


Leader in bringing missile defense to Alaska by getting the US out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

Founding member of the Independent Working Group on Missile Defense.

NATO Advisor on Arctic security.

No Record

Former Chair, US Arctic Research Commission

Testified on multiple occasion as Arctic Expert before Congress on the need for icebreakers and Arctic exploration

No Record