Compare the Record

Since joining the campaign for Governor on June 1, I have been in forums or debates with Mike Dunleavy in Kenai, Naknek, Chugiak, Eagle River, and most recently in an Anchorage social event Republican women held at our home.

At these forums, Mike has usually challenged voters to look at the record of the candidates running.    He has stated that he has a record.   He has said some people do not have a record.  As the only other guy in the race who is not a sitting Governor or a former Senator, I think he was talking about me!

So, I take him up on his challenge.   Our comparison of our records is at

I am here to say I will match a record of results for Alaska, a record of job creation and tax reduction in the public sector, a record of job creation in the private sector, any day with Mike Dunleavy.

I’m a work horse, not a show horse, and the record shows it.

We need a Governor who knows our Asian markets for energy and fish.   We need a Governor who can help our oil industry explorers and producers secure investments of at least $13 billion to drill out and produce known discoveries on the North Slope, even before we go after ANWR, OCS, or natural gas production.   We need a Governor who can bring the science community together to help get more fish back in our rivers.   We need a Governor who can help get more of our raw resources processed here, so we’re selling lumber and furniture and fiberboard instead of raw timber, battery-ready graphite instead of raw carbon, and more.   We need a deal maker with a record of bringing investors to our state and creating jobs.

Mike has worked for government his entire career.   I have a record of business, civic and political leadership that has been out front on the giant steps that have built Alaska and its economy:


Those giant steps include:

—My first job was a foot soldier in the debate for the 200-mile limit and control of our salmon.

—My grad school thesis helped us bring the Alaska Railroad ownership home, and structured as a for-profit corporation, not a state agency.

—I was a founding officer of Yukon Pacific, working with Governors Wally Hickel, Bill Egan and Jay Hammond.  I led the effort to gain permission from President Reagan for Alaska to export natural gas to Asian markets, worked with the Reagan and Sheffield Administrations to win the right to export Cook Inlet oil, and later with the Bush Administration (while I served in the Hickel Administration) to freely market North Slope oil.   Export bans had cost our state billions.

—In the Hickel Administration, I was part of the team which secured the CDQ program from the Department of Commerce, bringing hundreds of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars of wealth back to the State of Alaska, especially our western Alaska villages.

—As a citizen, I co-founded the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce effort, with then Chamber President David Heatwole, to open the Alaska border to trade with Russia.   Governor Steve Cowper led the Government effort.  

—As a citizen, I led the Institute of the North’s National Security program which, with defense experts across the country, founded the Independent Working Group on Missile Defense.   Our work helped America get out of the ABM treaty in 2001 and build billions of dollars worth of missile defense facilities in Alaska; more importantly —Ted Stevens would remind us — we secured a system to defend all 50 states.

—As a citizen and Cordova employee, I was an incorporator of the Prince William Sound Science Center; later as a state employee, Arctic Research Commission chair, and private citizen, I helped raise funds for the Alaska SeaLife Center and the Challenger Learning Center and the University of Alaska’s deep water, ice-strengthened research vessel, the Sikuliaq.   Our efforts to bring more endowed marine research funds to Alaska are absolutely necessary as we deal with salmon shortages at home and cod shortages offshore.   

—My leadership in the Arctic has led to binding agreements on search and rescue, oil spill prevention and response, a mandatory polar code for safer ships, sea lanes we’ve agreed to with Russia to protect our small boat seal hunters as giant tankers steam through the Bering Straits.

—As a candidate for Lt. Governor, and then as your Lt. Governor, I pushed — ahead of Sean Parnell, and helped him deliver — an oil tax revision that protected us at low prices, stopped driving away investors at high prices, and found new oil on the Slope to fill our pipeline.     

What does this mean for Alaska and the future?

We need to win.   Put me in, coach — I’m ready to play, as John Fogarty once sang.   Look at me, I can play centerfield!

We can and will cut budgets.   We can and will protect the Permanent Fund.   We will fight crime and bring health care costs and other entitlements under control.   But to address our problems and to grow our dividend, we have to restore our reputation in global markets, regain the trust of our citizens, and grow our economy.

Send a work horse, not a show horse.