Former Speaker of the House endorses Mead Treadwell

Former Speaker of the House of Alaska, Gail Phillips endorses Mead Treadwell for Governor of Alaska

"Mead has proven himself over the years, both as a leader, an innovator, a good business person and an active, involved Alaskan.  I trust him to do what is best for Alaska and I know that if I ever needed to meet or talk with him, he would be available.

I think Mike Dunleavy is a nice person, but I don’t think he is qualified nor experienced enough to lead and guide our State.  His past life experiences have not qualified him enough to be able to address the multiple, fractious issues that we face as a State.  To my knowledge, he has never had to meet a payroll (which Mead has), and he’s never run a personal business that must produce results and rewards.  I’m not happy that he walked away from the Senate Majority – I think this showed that he doesn’t consider the need to be a team player and in the business of running the State, if you can’t get along with people, your hands are tied in doing anything productive."