Candidate for Governor applauds enactment of Bree's Law

Candidate for Governor applauds enactment of Bree's Law, HB 214

"Today is a win for Alaskans. Bree Moore deserved to live a long and full life - as all our kids do. I want applaud Cindy and Butch Moore for their passionate drive to give back to our community after losing their daughter to a murderous boyfriend.

“Domestic Violence is a scourge in Alaska and it doesn't discriminate. It affects us all. I feel a little more optimistic today that Alaska educators have new tools to help children find alternatives when they are caught in a dangerous situation like Bree was.”

During his time as Alaska’s Lt. Governor Treadwell worked actively in support of efforts to curb Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in our state, including efforts to help young men “Choose Respect” in their relations with women.

He has pledged to expand those efforts as Governor.

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