Alaska Founder Jack Coghill endorses Mead Treadwell for Governor

As we celebrate our nation and state’s founding, Alaska founder and Constitution signer Jack Coghill endorses Mead Treadwell for Governor

North Pole, Alaska -- Former Lieutenant Governor Jack Coghill, one of two last living signers of Alaska’s constitution, has endorsed Republican Mead Treadwell for Governor.

"Mead is the best man the Republican Party could put forward at this time," Coghill said.   “He knows how to fight the fights for control of our lands and waters to keep the promises of Statehood.   As a businessman, he is smart and savvy enough to get things done – just the man we need for Alaska right now."

Coghill, born and raised in Alaska, served in both the territorial and state legislatures and as the Mayor of Nenana for 22 years.   He was elected to the Alaska Constitutional Convention which drafted Alaska’s Constitution and helped bring about Alaska Statehood.   He is one of two remaining members of that select fifty-five.

Prior to joining Walter J. Hickel on the Alaska Independence Party ticket as his Lieutenant Governor, Coghill was a staunch Republican and returned to the GOP after 1994.  Coghill and Treadwell worked together in the early 1980’s to support economic development options in Alaska’s Interior, and served in the same cabinet when Treadwell was Deputy Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation during the Hickel Administration, 1990-1994.   As Lt. Governor, 2010-2014, Treadwell supported state efforts pushed by Coghill to get state control of traditional rights-of-way, under a 19th century law RS2477.

"My vision of Alaska is the vision of our nation’s founders and our state’s founders,” Treadwell said.  “On the Fourth of July we celebrate our independence and our view that government’s role is to protect our natural rights.   Every day, we celebrate Alaska’s founders’ insistence that we have enough control of our land and resources to build an economy and avoid taxes.

“I am truly honored and humbled that one of Alaska's heroes has placed his confidence in me," said Treadwell upon learning of Coghill's endorsement of him.  "Once elected I will do my best to live up to his trust."