Former Lt. Gov Mead Treadwell enters Alaska Governor's Race

Mead Treadwell released the following statement on his decision to enter the 2018 Alaska Governor's race.


-See statement below-


Fellow Alaskans,
Today, I filed the paperwork to run for Governor in this year’s GOP Primary.   
I hadn’t planned to run.  Alaskans have put a lot of work into this election already.   But as we approached this day, many Alaskans all over the state were unsatisfied with our choices.  After much prayer, and discussion with my family, I’m running to offer Alaskans a strong, pro-business, experienced conservative choice.    
And I’m all in — I’m leaving my current job to put together a strong statewide campaign.
We will reach out to all Alaskans — and listen to all Alaskans as we do so.    
Leading Alaska means keeping our promises — and insisting others do, too.  No candidate has a monopoly on the issue of protecting the dividend, an issue that arose because our Governor didn’t.   No candidate has a monopoly on the issue of getting our gas to market.   
I’m more than a one-issue candidate, but let me say up front: I will protect your  dividend.   I will bring world-class experience to grow the economy.   That will grow the Permanent Fund AND the dividend.   That’s a promise.   
And this:  I worked hard as Lt. Governor with Sean Parnell and House Speaker Mike Chenault, and Wally Hickel and four previous Governors before that to get us back into the market in Asia.   As your Governor, I will work to make Alaska more competitive.   Arctic Russia is cleaning our clock in Asian LNG markets, sailing right past Alaska, and we’ve got to get moving.
Alaskans are frustrated.   We’ve been in a stalemate on paying our bills, and expanding the size of government rather than balancing our budget.  The state delayed and delayed, effectively breaking our promises to help new explorers find oil we need to fill our pipeline.  
The state has played so nice with the Obama and Trump Administrations that we have no announced agenda to get the federal government to keep the promises made at Statehood, and private citizens like John Sturgeon are driving the fight alone.  
Our plans to diversify the economy and to lower our energy costs and health care costs are missing in action.  I’ve brought world-class technologies to market and know we can do better.  With a stronger University, and a Governor who understands investment, our kids will lead the way.   Many of the jobs they will have are just being invented.
Alaskans haven’t seen government do what we must do to fight the opioid crisis, to shut down the crime wave, to reduce the epidemic of suicide, domestic violence and assault in our state.  With this election, we must.
Government exists to protect our rights — not to take them away.
I have been — and will be — your advocate for Alaska’s future.  I ask for your help in this election, which should be a respectful campaign.   I want to thank my wife and my three children for what they’ve done already to make this candidacy possible.
For Alaska,
- Mead Treadwell